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Our main objective is to meet the customer’s needs and to get his satisfaction. To reach this target, we focus our strategy on a service of quality.

The externalization of your supply chain management and your core business refocusing represent an interesting market for us. Thus, we propose you a wide range of innovative and personalized logistic solutions, which can meet your expectations.

Today, our company is composed of 80 staff in a dynamic structure, with the only purpose to generate a profitable growth. In this way, our organization is articulated around four spheres of activity:

  • Direct transport with our own vehicles,
  • Platforms of distribution around France through our network partners,
  • Sub-contracting of specific freights,
  • Logistics that improves the supply chain of our customers.

Our history

JOST LOGISTIC is a family mid-sized company located in Hoerdt, 15 km in the north of Strasbourg. At the beginning specialized in the transport, the company has been developing its activity to innovative global logistic solutions since the 90's and over three generations.

With a 2016 turnover of 7 million, our company is currently managed by Francis HUMBERT and Christophe RIEHL, grandsons of the founder Frédéric JOST.

  • 1924 : Foundation of JOST Transports et Cie by Frédéric JOST in Schiltigheim, in the northern suburbs of Strasbourg
  • 1959 : After his death, company was managed by his daughters, Irène HUMBERT and Frédérique RIEHL
  • 1977 : Integration of the grandsons Francis HUMBERT and Christophe RIEHL
  • 1989 : Retirement for the two managing women of the company, and membership of the platform group POLE
  • 1990 : Relocation of the offices to Hoerdt industrial zone, 15 km in the north of Strasbourg
  • 1993 : First enlargement (4 500 m² storage facility, 3 500 m² outside area)
  • 1997 : Second enlargement (1500 m² storage facility, workshop, offices)
  • 2004 : Installation of the system Akanea TMS
  • 2008 : Building of the brand new warehousing of 5000 m², and membership into the transporters group Tred Union
  • 2014 : Entered in the eco-transport program Objectif CO2
  • 2015: Membership of the Messagerie network Etoile Développement


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